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Exercising privacy rights more simply is critical to making online privacy accessible to all.

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Turn On GPC

Enable Global Privacy Control to communicate your privacy preferences.

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Let Businesses Know

Your browser will then send the GPC signal to websites you visit, indicating your privacy choices.

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Exercise Your Rights

Participating websites that adopt this mechanism can then respect your privacy rights accordingly.

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You might have noticed “Do Not Sell” and “Object To Processing” links around the web from companies complying with privacy regulations. Rather than having to click on each of these links individually across many websites, you can exercise your rights in one step via the “Global Privacy Control” (GPC) signal, which is required under the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) and Europe’s Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Together, over a dozen organizations are developing the GPC specification. Get Involved

The Global Privacy Control (GPC) specification describes how to implement a browser mechanism to help users signal their desired privacy to websites and services.

Right now the GPC signal is not a finalized standard, but it is already available to users as part of several major browsers and extensions and is respected by several major websites (see below). The GPC signal will be intended to communicate a Do Not Sell request from a global privacy control, as per CCPA-REGULATIONS §999.315 for that browser or device, or, if known, the consumer. Under the GDPR, the intent of the GPC signal is to convey a general request that data controllers limit the sale or sharing of the user's personal data to other data controllers (GDPR Articles 7 & 21). Over time, the GPC signal may be intended to communicate rights in other jurisdictions.


Participating Organizations

The following organizations are in support of or have implemented the GPC specification.

Get your privacy rights under control.

Download one of these participating browsers or extensions to communicate your Global Privacy Preferences to participating websites.

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Contact us to learn more about becoming a Participating Organization and supporting GPC on your browser, app or website.